Welcome to eCommerce Centric

Ecommerce Centric is part of the new generation of internet retailing businesses.

We provide an ecommerce platform for distributors to promote and sell products online to consumers. In addition we source products direct from the manufacturer and provide our customers with best value through our own ecommerce brands.

The business is a fusion of easy to use and quick to deploy ecommerce technology and very astute purchasing capability.

Selling with eCommerce Centric

Ecommerce Centric has its own ecommerce platform which enables suppliers with limited online experience to sell via one of Ecommerce Centric’s own websites.

These websites fall into four categories, Technology, Home and Garden, Personal Care and Beauty, and Gifts.

The ecommerce platform allows suppliers to either deliver direct to the customer or place stock inventory with us to fulfil. In addition to facilitating UK based business to sell online we also look overseas for excellent value products to import ourselves and promote to our customers.

eCommerce Website Services from eCommerce Centric

For suppliers with more established infrastructure we are extremely experienced in building, managing and optimising successful business to consumer and business to business ecommerce sites for customers to run themselves.

This activity is conducted via our ecommerce consultancy www.gravit-e.co.uk using our in-house developed technology.

We estimate that to date over £500 million of ecommerce activity has passed through our platform.

What next?

In short if you are a supplier wishing to reach customers online we are the ideal partner, if you are a customer looking for excellent value and quality visit our sites.

We thank you in advance for working with us.

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